Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Wellspring Family Services?

The mission of Wellspring Family Services is to build emotionally healthy, self-sufficient families and a non-violent community in which they can thrive.

By addressing the overlapping issues of mental health challenges, domestic violence, and homelessness, we focus on the source of instability for families.  We help families in crisis take the next step forward, tap into their own resilience and strength, and build community.

How do Wellspring Family Services Divisions Work Together?

Wellspring Family Services is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit, multi-service agency.  The agency has three divisions: Wellspring Community Services, Wellspring Counseling, and Wellspring Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Community Services provides services to more than 5,000 homeless and vulnerable children, adults, and families each year through four core programs that help families navigate and overcome crisis and take the next step forward.

Our Counseling therapists work with individuals, couples, and families to navigate life’s challenges and explore possibilities. 

Our Employee Assistance Program helps organizations harness the strength of their workforce by providing cost-effective, responsive services that help employers and employees reach their full potential. 

Each of our divisions contributes to a stronger, safer community by providing services that help individuals stay healthy and productive at home, at work, and in life.  Our collective impact each year is to help thousands of children, adults, and families reach and live their full potential.

What is the history of Wellspring Family Services?

Wellspring Family Services was founded in 1892, when the City of Seattle was just 40 years old.  Our agency has continually evolved over the past 121 years, but its core has remained the same.  From 1892 to present, Wellspring helps children, adults and families find the permanent solutions they need to build healthy relationships and stable lives.  For a more detailed looked at Wellspring past to present, click here.

Who does Wellspring Community Services serve?

Wellspring Community Services focuses on serving individuals, children, and families who are experiencing crisis through five programs:  Baby Boutique, Domestic Violence Intervention, Early Learning, Housing, and Parent Child Services. Learn more about our Community Impact.

What are the causes of homelessness?

In most cases, there is no single factor that causes an individual or family to become homeless.  Each situation is unique and often complex.  We do know that homelessness is closely linked to poverty.  When individuals and families cannot generate enough income to meet their basic needs, homelessness is a common result.  In King County, there are several primary issues that have been identified as part of a “housing crisis,” including lack of affordable housing, lack of educational and employment opportunities, unequal access to health care and treatment, and domestic violence.  The Committee to End Homelessness has conducted extensive research on the issue of homelessness in King County.  For more detailed information, click here. 

How many people are homeless in King County?  In Washington State?

On any given night in King County, there are more than 8,000 people who are experiencing the effects of homelessness, including 2,000 children.  Statewide, this number increases to more than 20,000, nearly half of which are families.  Four out of every ten children in Washington State live in families that struggle to meet basic needs.

How can I help make a difference?

Wellspring Family Services relies on the support of donors, businesses, policymakers, partner agencies and volunteers to help provide safety and stability more than 5,000 homeless adults and families in King County each year.  There are many ways for adults and children of all ages to Get Involved and help make a difference by sharing our mission with your friends, family and social networks! You can also make a difference by sharing and/or recommending our professional services – Wellspring Counseling and Wellspring EAP - to your colleagues and business networks.