How do you change lives?

  • With the help of more than 800 luncheon donors and our premier sponsor, Davis Wright Tremaine, we're disrupting cycles of homelessness and violence

At Wellspring Family Services we build well-being – one child, one parent and one family at a time. We help our clients stabilize, nurture relationships, and perfect the skills each needs to thrive.

Our work is focused on the science of how brains deal with trauma. It’s transformational and ripples through generations.

And we couldn’t do it without the commitment of our community and sponsors. Knowing that we can rely on you means families working through crisis can rely on us.

We’re thrilled to announce that 2016’s Powerful Change Luncheon, sponsored by Davis Wright Tremaine, raised close to $524,000. Collectively those donations mean we can disrupt cycles of homelessness and violence, or prevent them from ever taking root.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Davis Wright Tremaine for their deep and ongoing support. They are passionate about serving community, and in addition to their sponsorship they share their expertise with us through volunteer work. Heather Wight-Axlig, a partner at the firm, serves on our board of directors, and Keely Rankin, an associate at the firm, is a member of our associate board.

This level of commitment changes lives.

As Angelina, a former client featured at our lunch, summarized: living in homelessness is “so much deeper than just having a place to sleep. That’s the least of your concerns. It’s the impact on that kid.”

You can hear Angelina’s story of coming home below, as well as Ada’s story of resilience.

Powerful Change, made possible by our community.

Angelina's story: Coming Home

Ada's story: Resilience