Wellspring Table Captain of the Year Award Recipients: Tim Filer & Brad Hoff

Tim Filer (top image) and Brad Hoff (lower image) are self-described “lifers” at the law firm Foster Pepper, having worked there for over 20 years. Co-captains at the annual Wellspring Luncheon for the past eight years as well,

that title is becoming just as applicable to their involvement at Wellspring as they show no signs of stopping.

Tim and Brad supported Wellspring and attended Luncheons for many years prior to accepting an invitation to be co-Table Captains in 2006. Since their induction, they have settled on a fairly consistent group of Wellspring supporters to fill the seats at their table each year. However, Tim explains their table support as a reflection of the organization, not of the captains themselves: “We don’t have to do much of a sales job. It’s the story of how the programs Wellspring offers change lives.

And once people get exposed to that, getting them to come back to the Luncheon each year is a pretty simple affair.”

In addition to their general enthusiasm for the work Wellspring does, Brad and Tim each have personal connections to the organization’s work. As Brad notes, “I’m a father of three young ones myself, and it’s the kids and the opportunities that Wellspring provides to kids to help break some of the terrible cycles.” Tim concurs: “As the son of two primary school teachers, the importance of repairing broken family relationships and the impact that has on kids is something that’s been centerpiece for me my whole life. The benefits to the kids are what move me.”

Inspired by Brad and Tim’s passionate dedication to Wellspring Family Services, we are proud to honor them as Table Captains of the Year. Congratulations!