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May 11, 2016
Rena & Caspar cute smiles.jpg The 60-second Interview

Professional musician Casper Babypants has been singing his way into the hearts of the Wellspring families, supporters and friends since 2011. It all started when he wrote the song “Happy Heart,” having been inspired by Rena Mateja, who, at age eight, chose to go door-to-door and ask her neighbors to donate coins to help support homeless children served by Wellspring Family Services. Rena’s vision and courage gave birth to “Kids Helping Kids”, a youth philanthropy program that, to date, has raised more...

April 14, 2016

April is National Volunteer Month! We celebrate all of the incredible volunteers at Wellspring that help us serve children and families in our community.

Meet Suzanne

storylady_small.jpg To the children in the Early Learning Center, she is “The Story Lady,” which also makes her a bona fide rock star. Suzanne Davis started at Wellspring's Morningsong program in 2000 as a childcare outreach librarian through the Seattle Public Library. Even though the program ended in 2005, she has continued to visit Wellspring monthly to share children’s books, songs, poems and...
March 31, 2016

2016 Angelina vignette Video of 2016 Angelina vignette


2016 0317_T_Angelina_3.jpg

You can view Angelina's Full video story here.

March 30, 2016
Why housing is just the start to real, lasting success 

happy, talking Mom and toddler-stock.jpg The first stop was a shelter, then a referral to Wellspring. For Beth and her toddler, hope was now in view.

Once at Wellspring Family Services, Beth had someone in her corner who took the time to walk her through the housing process and asked her to lay out her goals, someone who helped her take control.

Result: Beth found an apartment. She landed a job and then a second job. If someone calls in sick, she covers.

“I’m proud of me. When I say ‘I struggle,’ I say, ‘I’m...

March 29, 2016

2016 Ada vignette Video of 2016 Ada vignette


Ada had a dream.

A new life – one without violence – a business to support her children, and a home to nurture them in.

She was closing in on it when life took another turn.

She and two daughters had already fled a violent relationship and rebuilt their lives in the United States. She had won custody of her children and secured a restraining order against her former husband. She had gotten her green card, learned English, and built a business. 

But the legal costs depleted her savings. 

Her new husband lost his job. 

She couldn’t make rent.

Four years ago, Ada moved into a homeless shelter with four children, one just a toddler and two with special needs. 

But just last fall, she realized her dream and...

March 28, 2016

2016 0331_blog_melissa son.jpg

  • “The people who gave to Family Services saved my life, saved my child’s life. Every single day I look at him, I am grateful.”- Melissa, former Housing Services client

MARCH 28, 2016: Last December, the Windermere Foundation asked if we could help with a video. We said yes with a big smile!

You see, every time one of their agents helps a client buy or sell a home, a portion...