Amiee Burtoft

Downtown Seattle
Practice Focus: 
Career Change
Divorce/Separation Issues
Dream Work
Interpersonal Relationships
Life Transitions
Meaning & Existence

Are you navigating the challenges of a broken relationship, divorce, relocation, career or workplace changes, loss of loved one, or other difficult transitions? Perhaps you’re at a crossroads and just trying to find your own way?

Sometimes big or unexpected change throws us off balance or even into a tailspin. We may become frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, feel defeated, or simply lost. How we handle change and manage stressful situations has a huge impact on our lives, not only for our present-day well-being but also how we grow beyond our current circumstances. My personal and professional experience has inspired my interest in helping folks healthily manage life transitions.

Much of my work focuses on the aftermath of broken relationships and how you can move forward in meaningful ways. Healing is possible when we actively work our way through such life challenges. My goal is to help you move past emotional traumas of the past and present to clear your way.

The heart of our work together will be to sort through complex issues, recognize patterns, make sense, discover new paths, and restore movement. In an effort to understand my clients’ needs, I’m a thoughtful observer as well as an active voice in our discussions together. My fundamental belief is that change is an opportunity to awaken and develop a better sense of who you are… and where you can go from here.