BeeLyn Weldearegay

Seattle – Rainier Avenue South Neighborhood Center
Seattle – Lake City Neighborhood Center
Practice Focus: 
Interpersonal Relationships
Cross-Cultural Issues
Women’s Issues

Life is hard. You are bound to encounter pain. Past or current experiences may be negatively impacting your sense of self and possibility in the world.

Do you feel disconnected from those around you and maybe even yourself and feel self-blame or shame about it?

Perhaps you are struggling to navigate multiple cultures, feel caught between conflicting cultural expectations, and worry that others will be uncomfortable if you talk about it.

These experiences are difficult. The good news is you’ve made the first step towards making sense of things and counseling can help. Through a caring and collaborative therapeutic relationship, our work together will explore and begin to understand your concerns, relational patterns, and factors that may be contributing to your distress.

I believe that relationships hold the potential for both conflict and healing, and interpersonal struggles are common. I’ll support you by engaging in your story with genuine curiosity, empathy, honesty, and honor. Together, we will explore and make room for all of your various identities. I believe you can reach your full potential by discovering and being fully yourself.

If you’re ready to start the conversation, call 206-524-9055 and make an appointment. Clients I see may pay a reduced fee if paying out of pocket. I look forward to our work together.