Chris Casazza

Seattle – Rainier Avenue South Neighborhood Center
Practice Focus: 
Life Transitions
Men's Issues
New Parents
Parenting Concerns/Support
Work/life Balance

Stress and suffering are unavoidable aspects of human experience but when things get to the point at which they gravely affect relationships, work, sleep and the simple pleasures in life, it may be time to meet with someone who can help support you during this time.


My background in existential humanistic psychology and psychodynamic theory informs the work we do together. Essentially what this means is that I will help uncover aspects of your life that may have gone overlooked, which in turn allows for deeper understanding of your current situation. Once we have assigned new meaning to your experience, you have the opportunity of making new choices that can be tested outside of the confines of the therapy room. Going through this process may at times seem slow and cause discomfort, but it does have the transformational benefit of resolving the concerns that led you to therapy.


I have previous experience working with new fathers individually and in group settings and enjoy working with new parents during their transition. I also work with individuals around major life transitions that occur in relationships, family and work. I received my Masters of Arts in Psychology in 2003 and was licensed in 2010.


If you are ready to engage in the transformative process of working toward positive change please call me at (206) 524-9055.