Derek Trlica

Practice Focus: 
Men's Issues
Parenting Concerns/Support
Interpersonal Relationships
Life Transitions

It’s easy to get lost when you are depressed or anxious, and finding a way back to yourself can be the most important step you take. In practice for 10 years, I consider myself a “humanist” therapist – which means I look for you, the person, in the midst of your thoughts and feelings.

My clients usually struggle with some degree of anxiety or depression related to an unwanted circumstance or a persistent pattern in life. To discover a way out, together we look at how perspectives and motivations lead to decisions that either help or hurt the situation. Gaining valuable insight helps my clients make better, more integrated decisions for themselves, which then contributes to a greater sense of self-control, contentment, and peace.

I meet with both men and women, and I see couples as well. I like to speak the language of logic as well as the language of experience. A particular focus of mine is working with men who feel they are stumbling in life. Mostly men come in with issues like work anxiety, relationship woes, or adjustment to fatherhood. (Often, it’s all three together making a mess of life. That’s where I come in.)

I meet with some folks on a long-term basis; some I meet with for only a short while.

If you’re interested in this kind of journey, call me. The number to call is 206-524-9055.