Erika Straus-Bowers

Seattle – Lake City Neighborhood Center
Practice Focus: 
Interpersonal Relationships
Self-Defeating Patterns

Considering therapy can be a courageous step—one that many of us take at times when we feel overwhelmed, stuck, lost, or fed up. Therapy may be something that you’re not even sure you want to do. It might feel like stepping into the unknown, or like getting closer to painful or uncomfortable feelings that you know very well.

While this might be the hardest time to believe it, you may experience powerful relief, healing, discovery, and peace in entering into both the unknown and the known of yourself. This process can be especially transformative within a dedicated time and space, in the company of someone you can trust.

My approach is informed primarily by person-centered therapy, relational psychodynamic theories, and teachings in mindfulness. In part, this means that I bring an empathic and nonjudgmental presence to my role, I believe in the significance of relationships to our sense of self, and I utilize present-moment awareness and inquiry to help my clients know and be themselves more authentically. I am drawn to this work by the profound experiences of witnessing healing after trauma, loss, or struggle, and of supporting the expression of all parts of each person.

I currently see clients who pay out of pocket, and I am able to offer reduced fees. I value working with adults across the spectrums of income, gender, sexual orientation, cultural identity, and age. If you think I might be a good fit for you, please call our intake line at 206-524-9055 to schedule a time to meet.