Joe Butler

Practice Focus: 
Interpersonal Relationships
Parenting Concerns/Support
Work Stress

“What makes my pain different from anyone else’s? Shouldn’t I be able to deal with this on my own?” It’s hard to reach out for help. Turning to others can make us feel needy or weak. It can cause us to see ourselves as too emotional or out of control. Because of this we often deny what we feel — to our friends, to our loved ones, and even to ourselves. As a result we suffer in silence. We do some of our best crying alone.

What if your tears, your pain, your worry and despair weren't just ‘symptoms’ or conditions to be endured but instead, signals from some wiser part of yourself, pointing you in the direction of a healthier more vibrant life?

The magic of psychotherapy is that it takes suffering and transforms it into the very instrument of  our own unique recovery. In finding the meaning in our struggles and by looking at ourselves through more compassionate lenses, we see our way out of lost places. We can’t do this alone though.

For more than twenty years I have been helping individuals, couples, and families build bridges between the symptoms they experience and the fullness of life they are hoping for. Because a wide variety of problems requires a wide variety of interventions, I have expertise in the areas of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and existential psychotherapy. I have written and presented on areas of interest to me including parenting, grief and loss, technology and relationship, addiction, and sexuality.

The deepest hurt requires the lightest touch. In our first session together you can expect to be helped to quickly gain comfort in understanding how therapy works and how I can best be of assistance to you. Together we will create a plan for how to meet the goals that you have set for yourself. Through patience and perseverance, a new perspective is waiting for you! Call 206-524-9055 to schedule an appointment today.