Karen Acheson

Rainier Avenue South Seattle
Practice Focus: 
Life Transitions
Medical Illness

Perhaps you have a great deal going on in your life, are experiencing a lot of stress, and you’re finding that the usual ways of dealing with stress aren’t working. Or you are going through a period of transition or crisis in your life and wonder how you will get through it. Maybe you have experienced trauma, recently or a long time ago, and are experiencing its aftereffects.

I offer a place where we can work through these and other issues together—a place of compassion, support, and warmth. There we can collaborate to find the self-understanding and self-acceptance that produces the change you seek. I believe the past informs the present, and together we can engage with present symptoms as well as patterns of thought or behavior that may have earlier roots.

My therapeutic approach is empathic, collaborative, and psychodynamic. I value relationships, and believe that a feeling of connection in all relationships is crucial to overall well-being. The therapeutic relationship we build will help us explore and identify your strengths, challenges, obstacles, and patterns. The insight you gain through our work together can lead you to a greater sense of ease and well-being.

If you would like to set up an appointment to talk with me call 206-524-9055. I look forward to hearing from you.