Marie Sundberg

Redmond Branch
Practice Focus: 
Interpersonal Relationships
Work Stress
Artists & Creativity
Dream Work

A life that feels vital and meaningful comes from knowing and accepting ourselves, and is based on our authentic feelings, needs, wishes and potential. For many of us, some combination of early experiences and current pressures may keep us from fulfillment or expression of our genuine self, and may contribute to the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and disconnection so common in modern life.  

We all go through periods of challenge, pain or disruption. Through a supportive, interactive relationship, I will assist you to discover and explore both your concerns and your strengths, change behaviors that contribute to your distress, develop new skills, greater compassion, and deeper awareness of your experience and relational patterns.  

In my work with couples, I help you look beneath the surface of your complaints and struggles with each other and attend to the emotional bond between you. I also help you learn skills to better communicate your needs and wishes, resolve conflict and reestablish a relationship based in mutual understanding, support, and trust.  

Whether individual or couple therapy, I will approach you in a warm and interactive manner, and since what is “normal” is to encounter problems in life, assist you toward greater comfort, acceptance, and curiosity in the process of resolving the issues you face. Together we will create a path toward your goals. Call our initial appointment line, 206-524-9055, to get started today.