Megan Clapper

Redmond Branch
Practice Focus: 
Life Transitions


A Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been working in the Mental Health field for seven years, I offer individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents as well as play therapy for children ages five and above.

I value the relationship formed between client and therapist, and it is within the safety of this relationship that your needs can be identified. It takes a great deal of courage to allow someone else to see the areas of your life which are causing you the most pain. What you bring to me will be held in confidence and treated with compassion and respect. I value the role that relationships and culture may play in your life.

In our time together we will identify stressors, behaviors, and relational patterns that are impacting your quality of life. We will explore how these ways of being may have served you in the past, why they seem to work against you now, and discover what new ways of being can exist in your future. Our sessions together will help you feel less stuck, and better able to nimbly respond to the obstacles life lays in your way.

When I meet with children, I invite them to communicate as they naturally do through play. Teens often find themselves lacking the words to adequately express frustrations, while simultaneously feeling that others don’t understand their actions. Together we can understand more about those actions and find the words needed to describe frustrations.

Therapy can help you to feel less alone with your struggles. Call 206-524-9055 to schedule an appointment.