Nicola Mucci

Downtown Seattle Branch
Practice Focus: 
Artists & Creativity
Family Of Origin Work
Identity Development & Growth
Interpersonal Relationships
Life Transitions

People often come to therapy seeking a change or wanting more clarity in their lives. The desire for change can feel urgent, perhaps in response to something drastic happening in our lives right now. Other times we find ourselves searching for clarity and relief after years of dissatisfaction and malaise, a chronic feeling that things should be better.

If you’re interested in exploring your life more deeply in search of greater understanding or symptomatic relief, I welcome you to psychotherapy. Psychological and emotional healing often take place during the process of self-discovery as we seek to understand how problems originated and how they have been maintained throughout our life. When we become more aware of ourselves and recurring patterns in our life, we can develop more control over our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and ultimately, live more enriching lives.

My educational background includes a doctorate degree in clinical psychology with advanced training in psychodynamic theory and relational psychoanalysis, two areas of psychology that focus on understanding how the past informs the present.  Additionally, I have specialized training in art therapy and use art with clients interested in a creative approach to self-discovery and self-awareness.

If you would like to make an appointment or if you have questions about my work, I would be happy to talk with you more. Please call 206-524-9055 to get started.