Piper Clyborne

Downtown Seattle
Practice Focus: 
Family Of Origin Work
Identity development and growth
Women’s Issues
Life Transitions

Do you ever find that critical narratives pervade your thinking? Perhaps, the story that you are “too much” or “not enough” has thrown you into the quicksand of despair, shame, and isolation? Or has dropped you on the treadmill of false momentum, only to deliver you to the same experience of defeat, and the stuckness of lather, rinse, repeat?  If these spaces resonate, you are for sure not alone, and your emancipation from them may be right around the corner!

I predominantly practice from a Narrative Therapy approach which means I see events that happen over time in your life, and the meaning ascribed to them, as stories.  The critical stories we have about ourselves are typically written by others and are told through the lenses of abuse, sexism, racism, classism, and homophobia.  These powerful stories are aimed to distance us from our ourselves and each other so we stop questioning and threatening oppressive structures, and instead question ourselves.

Once you take the brave step of entering the counseling relationship, sometimes, with only the thinnest layer of hope, you have already begun to rise into the light.  My mission will be to take the pressure off you and instead put the pressure on the problem. We will learn together who and what has been influencing your life narrative in unsatisfying ways, so that you can reclaim your storytelling rights and live closer to your values, hopes and dreams.

The therapeutic alliance holds great power toward transformation and as your co-author I am dedicated to helping your story be expressed in ways that make you stronger.   As your therapist, there are some things I will be able to do, and some things I won’t.  What I know for sure is that I aim to “see you.”  After my years of providing psychotherapy, I have come to know that CONNECTION is the most powerful antidote to the effects of problems.