Sharon Grabner

Redmond Branch
Practice Focus: 
Divorce/Separation Issues
Interpersonal Relationships
Life Transitions

It’s called life. We blink and we’re in unfamiliar, uncomfortable or overwhelming territory. You shouldn’t have to be there alone. You deserve a space of safety where your thoughts, feelings and behaviors can be supportively discussed with respect and non-judgment.

My goal for 30+ years has been to offer that space. I would be honored to walk with you, witnessing and helping give voice to the surprise and hurt, watching for stumbling blocks along the way, and finding whatever path leads you to your fullest self and attainment of your goals.

I have worked in mental health and family service agencies my entire career providing a wide range of therapy services to adult individuals, couples, and families. The style of my therapeutic work is interactive and most heavily informed by a psychodynamic orientation, often coupled with family systems and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Each journey can be both exciting and scary. I encourage you to begin yours.

I am currently accepting referrals of adult individuals. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 206-524-9055.


Articles by Sharon Grabner:

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