Domestic Violence Intervention Programs

At the heart of our Domestic Violence Intervention Program (“DVIP”) is the idea that everyone in a family deserves to be safe and respected. Our domestic violence programs serve to break the cycle of violence in families by teaching partners and parents how to achieve healthy, stable relationships.

Domestic violence is not a result of stress or unhappiness. It is a learned behavior of control that can be changed with support.  Our Washington State certified DVIP program helps clients who have acted abusively become more loving partners and parents. It helps end the cycle of violence in families so children and partners can feel safe and secure and not repeat violent behaviors later in life.

We hold people who perpetrate accountable and solely responsible for their abusive behavior and for ending that behavior. Intervention curriculum is based on the nationally recognized Duluth and EMERGE curriculums.  While State law requries a minimum of twelve months to complete a domestic violence intervention program, our clients are often in the program for a longer period of time as they work to achieve our program objectives, meet personal goals, and demonstrate behavioral change. Clients having contact with children, their own or a partner’s, are also required to attend “DV Dads.” DV Dads is a twice monthly group focused on helping fathers acknowledge the impact of their abuse on children by providing tools for them to gain respectful, non-violent parenting skills.

Wellspring’s victim liaison therapist is in contact with all victims, if the victim wishes, to help ensure safety planning, provide linkage to support services and to share and receive DVIP information.