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Seattle Nonprofit Adopts Cutting-Edge AI Language Model GPT-4 to Enhance Operations

Seattle, WA (March 15, 2023) — Wellspring Family Services (Wellspring), a non-profit human services organization, has announced the adoption of OpenAI’s GPT-4 (GPT-4) to streamline operations and support innovative solutions in its work helping families and employees prevent homelessness.

With fewer than 150 employees, the mid-sized, Seattle based nonprofit served nearly 32,000 people through all its programs in 2022. Having tested earlier versions of OpenAI’s GPT, Wellspring is in the process of rolling out GPT-4 use across its organization to help staff spend less time on administrative tasks while accomplishing more and allowing more focus and time on directly helping families and employers prevent housing instability.

According to Peter Schultz, Chief Operating and Information Officer, “The capabilities and affordability of these latest AI solutions are a game changer for nonprofits such as Wellspring – enabling us to do more with limited resources.

“From helping generate starting points for policies, procedures, and work plans to generating initial drafts of information materials – these tools will free up time for staff to be innovative, creative and spend more time supporting families and employees facing or experiencing housing instability.”

Another benefit, notes Schultz, is the potential for reducing burnout and employee turnover, especially among hard-working and dedicated human services employees. “With tools like GPT-4, we can better support our administrative staff and frontline workers so they can spend more time on the work they love, which makes working in this sector even more rewarding,” he said.


About Wellspring Family Services

Wellspring Family Services (Wellspring) is a nonprofit, multi-service agency focused on preventing and ending homelessness for families and employees. Wellspring provides housing stability services, an early learning center, a free family store, an employee assistance program, and a new employee stability program. Knowledgeable and caring advisors make it easy for families and employees to find help amidst a confusing maze of disconnected community resources. Wellspring supports children and families primarily in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties and employees nationwide. Learn more at


For more information, contact:
Meg Roberts, External Communications Manager
(206) 826-3034

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