2014 Wellspring Awards KHK Child Philanthropy Award Recipient: Red Wagon

When it comes to our Kids Helping Kids child philanthropy program (KHK), retail supporters like Red Wagon make all the difference in raising awareness and encouraging community support. Since connecting with Wellspring in early 2013, Madison Park retailer Red Wagon has already inspired hundreds of local children to collect coins for their homeless peers while simultaneously encouraging our neighbors to get involved in each of Wellspring’s seasonal drives.

It is exciting to see that a large number of our customers not only embrace giving, but truly want their children to learn the concept of helping others in need,” Georgina, Red Wagon’s manager, notes. “Here at Red Wagon, our heart is to give and help when we can. KHK is an exciting opportunity that really lets our community get involved.”

By providing Wellspring KHK coin jars to children and educational information to parents, Red Wagon has helped bolster Wellspring’s child philanthropy program into a critical support for Wellspring programs such as our Early Learning Center, our preschool for homeless children ages 1-5, and our Baby Boutique, our free retail store for homeless families. As children collect coins for Wellspring using their KHK coin jar, our community grows stronger as we are better able to help children and families in crisis triumph over trauma to reach their potential. As Georgina emphasizes, “We highly recommend other local businesses consider getting involved with KHK. This is not only a great cause that is being supported, but it also helps families bring an awareness to their kids about the needs of others while providing a way to help.”

For their continuous enthusiasm and dedication to promoting KHK and encouraging childhood philanthropy, we are thrilled to announce Red Wagon as our 2014 KHK Child Philanthropy Award recipient! Congratulations Georgina and all Red Wagon staff members!