All Children Deserve to Start the School Year Ready to Learn

For children and families experiencing crisis, back to school can be a difficult time of the year. In King County alone, more than 700 school-aged kids struggle with homelessness, and getting the support they need to succeed at school. With a large amount of requested school supplies and the desire to start school prepared, students in crisis often struggle to start off the academic year on a positive note.

Especially for families with young elementary-aged children, required supplies for school can cost nearly $100, an amount that often forces families to prioritize their limited funds in favor of more immediate needs such as food or housing. “For kindergarten, they asked for so many things,” Erika, a former client and current volunteer explains. “Wellspring was a good place to get all of the supplies we needed.”

Here at Wellspring, we believe all children deserve to start the school year ready to learn. This includes homeless children. To help children and families in crisis prepare for school, our Ready to Learn campaign helps more than 400 children access supplies and other essentials including backpacks, pencils, crayons, and calculators-to succeed inside and outside of the classroom each year. These supplies allow children to enter their classes confident, excited, and eager to start learning.

From now until October 31st, you can help give children in crisis an opportunity to become ready to learn by:

“The Baby Boutique helped out a lot, especially at a time when we didn’t have a lot of income,” Erika notes. “It truly was a life-saver.”