A Birthday for Bean

Using Creative Giving Techniques to Engage and Inspire Your Community

Wellspring is lucky to have donors who find very creative ways to support our mission. One shining example: The Hatcher family.


Mark and Nolana Hatcher were just discovering Wellspring for the first time when they decided that they not only wanted to support our agency, but they also wanted to encourage their family and friends to support us as well. They came up with the idea to celebrate their daughter Maris’ first birthday by asking their guests to make a donation to Wellspring in lieu of birthday gifts.


Maris’ (aka Baby Bean) birthday resulted in a huge donation of school supplies plus 11 additional financial gifts totaling $290! More importantly, Mark and Nolana used their creativity to encourage a spirit of philanthropy with their community.


Another easy and creative way to inspire others to share in your dedication to helping families experiencing homelessness is through our new online community giving tools. Use our template or create your own message to share with friends and families and embrace the philosophy of Giving Together. Find these tools and more on our website. Visit wellspringfs.org/get-involved.


If you are interested in getting your creative juices flowing over ways you’d like to support Wellspring, please contact us today!