Creating Young Philanthropists: How to inspire your child to get involved

Many parents long-aspire to motivate their children to be more philanthropic, but struggle to find opportunities for them to make a difference in their community at a young age. For Seattle mom Christina Stemley, discovering Wellspring’s Kids Helping Kids child philanthropy program (KHK) made all the difference. “I wanted to find somewhere I could volunteer while having a small child with me,” Christina explains. “Then I found Wellspring’s KHK program and I thought, this is even better, this is an opportunity for kids to help others.” 

After discovering KHK, the next difficult step was explaining to her then-five-year-old daughter Emma about the importance of getting involved. “I explained that other children don’t all have houses to live in, pets to love, good fresh food to eat, or even nice shoes that are clean and fit well. Even at five years old, she could get that.”

For the past three years, Christina and Emma have continued to get involved philanthropically, with Emma inspiring her friends to get involved with KHK and other community service activities, such as donating items to an international orphanage and making pet beds for a local animal shelter. This year, Emma even donated her birthday to Wellspring, bringing in her presents to our Baby Boutique for her homeless peers.

As Christina emphasizes, children want to make a difference in their community, they just need the opportunity to find an option that inspires them. “Letting children make the choice of what charity speaks to them is so important. Then going for a visit really lets it hit home. Kids like to help. It makes them feel good about themselves and teaches them important lessons; like that they can make a difference.”

Click here to learn more about our KHK child philanthropy program and how your child can make a difference for their homeless peers today.