Giving Together: Building Community through Workplace Competition


We are so inspired by the local businesses that are stepping up to help homeless children and families by hosting a donation drive this holiday!

One of these partners is Ratio, who first heard about our Giving Together campaign from the wonderful leaders and staff at BuzzBee.

Ready to lend a hand with Buzzbee’s recommendation, Ratio was excited to incorporate Wellspring into its inaugural Ratio Winter Games, which invites staff to give back to their community through a variety of workplace competitions. The Games are a great example of how a business can weave team-building, morale, and fun into its corporate philanthropy! 

How it worked:

Ratio divided its employees into twelve teams, who started the competition with Event 1: Warmth for the Winter. Lasting one week, this first event inspired the teams to collect coats, outerwear, and donations to support the children and families Wellspring serves. By utilizing inner-office competition as a means to inspire success and giving together, Ratio was able to collect a total of 400 coats, outerwear, and blankets, 142 other essential winter items such as scarves and gloves, AND raise more than $1,250 in financial donations!

Throughout these Games, employees were encouraged to get creative about ways to compete. For example, Team Dawgfather, one of Ratio’s twelve teams, single-handedly raised $620 by creating their own Wellspring-themed website and leveraging social media to raise awareness.

The result of this joyous fundraising madness? Thanks to Buzzbee’s vision and the incredible support of the creative minds at Ratio, we are on our way to providing essential winter wear for more than one thousand homeless children and families this holiday, including each of the 83 preschool students we serve in our Early Learning Center.

Inspired? We invite you to learn more about how to host a donation drive at your workplace!