Giving Together: Everyone Wins with Kids Helping Kids


This past Saturday, Wellspring Family Services hosted its first annual Giving Together concert to celebrate all of the ways that kids can make a powerful difference in our community.  Featuring Caspar Babypants, Make and Takes, and Kids Helping Kids (KHK), this concert emphasized the importance of child philanthropy, and all that we can achieve when we give together, no matter one’s age!

As families and children ate gingerbread cookies, crafted jingle bell bracelets, and danced along to Caspar, we were thrilled to honor the many ways children ages 0-12 made a positive impact on our community in 2013. 

Each year, hundreds of children participate in Kids Helping Kids by finding creative and selfless ways to fill a coin jar, and then donate the funds to Wellspring. Since 2009, KHK has raised more than $40,000 to support programs like the Wellspring Early Learning Center, which serves more than 80 young, homeless children each year.

The outpouring of support and enthusiasm for Kids Helping Kids has been so strong (and inspiring!) that we are excited to expand the campaign into a year-long invitation for children to get involved in age-appropriate philanthropy. Throughout the year, Wellspring hosts four campaigns to support the needs of children and families in crisis. In 2014, each campaign will be an opportunity for children to participate by filling a jar.

Beyond making a positive difference in our community, one of our favorite aspects of KHK is that it’s not only the children we serve who benefit.  Research shows that children who learn how to empathize with others from a young age become more successful adults socially and professionally.  In Washington State alone, the highest group of financial donors is actually under the age of 20; and, according to a recent IUPUI study, 90% of children give. With statistics like these, we’re optimistic about our community’s future!

To learn how your children – or any children you know – can get started, we invite you to visit our Kids Helping Kids page.