Giving Together: Kerri's Story of Strength Highlighted in the Seattle Times' Fund for the Needy


This past Sunday, we were honored to be highlighted in this year's Seattle Times Fund for the Needy opening article, "Lives Changed: 'We all have something to give.'"  The article highlights the power of Wellspring Community Services through the inspiring story of Kerri.  Four years ago, Kerri was a client of Wellspring.  Today, she is a vocal Wellspring advocate and donor.

As many of us gather with family and friends this week, Kerri’s story is a powerful reminder of all that we can achieve when we Give Together:

After suffering years of domestic violence, Kerri realized she had to save her sons-and herself. Once her husband had been arrested, Kerri drove from the East Coast to Seattle, unsure of what would come next. Fortunately, shortly after arrival, she was referred to Wellspring Family Services and was able to find a safe and stable home for her family so that they could move forward.

As Kerri grew stronger, she began to reconnect with Ron, an old friend who helped Kerri rediscover her identity. Now married, their strong and healthy bond has inspired them to help other women and families who have been affected by domestic violence. “I truly believe that when you help other people, they are going to give back,” Kerri emphasizes. “I’m grateful because Wellspring gave us a vision to help other women who have been abused.”

Kerri and Ron now live a happy life full of gratitude and service to others. Kerri’s two sons have also become successful young men who lead healthy lives. Kerri recognizes the dramatic change in all of their lives and turns her appreciation for Wellspring into an opportunity to become a part of the Giving Together philosophy and give back as a dedicated Wellspring donor and advocate. As Kerri explains, “Even the worst situations in life can change for good. I know this for a fact. That’s why I give thanks everyday for all the people at Wellspring, and for the chance to give back to the other children and families that Wellspring serves.”

To learn more about Kerri's story, check out her 2013 Powerful Change Luncheon interview here