Giving Together: Spreading Joy, Inspiring Families, and Celebrating Community

For BuzzBee Co. employees like Amy Jennings, a strong emphasis on community and giving back led to what is now an incredible partnership between the technology marketing agency and Wellspring Family Services.

“Wellspring has always been such a good fit for us,” Amy explains.“When Michelle Keeffe, BuzzBee’s CEO, first discovered Wellspring, we found their values aligned with our goal of empowering people. Buzzbee strongly believes in creating opportunities for others, and Wellspring’s range of services really inspires us.”

That inspiration has been strongly felt as Buzzbee continues to inspire not only those within their office, but also local community members and businesses. Ratio, a recent drive host and blog participant, originally discovered Wellspring thanks to the efforts of Buzzbee, and was able to collect around 1,000 coats and outerwear in addition to over $1,250 in donations for this year’s Giving Together campaign.

Last year, Buzzbee set a goal of collecting 1,000 coats for Wellspring during its own holiday donation drive. This year, their goal was focused on extending their reach and impact by inviting others to get involved. “Supporting Wellspring has encouraged a strong sense of community here at Buzzbee,” Amy emphasizes. “It has also triggered giving in many other ways. People generally want to give; they just need the opportunity to do so.” 

For Amy, the most beneficial aspect to supporting Wellspring has been the ability to observe all that is possible when people come together over a common cause – in this case, helping children and families in serious crisis take the next step forward. “We enjoy working towards something that benefits the greater good,” Amy notes. “Especially with Wellspring, it is easy to be inspired.”

From first-hand stories of strength from former clients like Kerri to incredible philanthropic efforts by young Rena Mateja to stories of selflessness and struggle from former clients like John, Amy believes the ‘full-circle’ aspect to Wellspring differentiates the organization and encourages powerful change. “These stories of resilience are so hopeful, so beautiful. They are amazing examples of how people can get through horrific situations, thrive, and then give back. It’s easy to get behind an organization that encourages such a ‘pay it forward’ philosophy.” 

Motivated? Learn how you can get involved in our Giving Together campaign, and help make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of more than 1,000 homeless children and families this holiday.