For #GivingTuesday we asked our Early Learning Center staff “#WhyWellspring?”

Today for #GivingTuesday, we’re asking #whywellspring? We want to know why you support Wellspring and what you think sets us apart. We asked members of our Early Learning Center team that same question.

Our ELC teachers work daily with children experiencing trauma. The work can, at times, be demanding and overwhelming.

For Megan Beers, the senior director of Early Childhood Services, supporting our Early Learning Center staff is a critical component of her work.

“If you’re a teacher or a therapist--somebody who’s spending all day, every day with families who are living in crisis-- you need to have good supportive structures for yourself at work. I feel privileged to give that support to staff, and I feel that’s hugely valuable.”

Megan offers regular training and support to our ELC teachers, who work primarily with children who have experienced homelessness and trauma. Every member of the ELC team agrees that their supportive work environment is unique.

For lead teacher Julie Hobbs, the environment is key.

“There’s a lot of respect here for us and what we do, and the people that take care of us make sure we get the support we need,” said Julie. “They know that this is a tough job. We work on reflective practice and mindfulness. We talk a lot about how to take care of ourselves because we have to. Nowhere at any business I’ve worked in have they talked about how important that is.”

ELC staff understand trauma and the effects it can have on anybody, so everybody is supported. Not just members of the Wellspring team, but children and their parents.

Ty Lewis, an ELC family support specialist, knows how special that supportive environment is to our families.

“I had a parent who literally broke down and started crying,” Ty said. “She said that this has been one of the best experiences she’s had with a social services agency, and she felt respected, listened to.”

Everything Wellspring’s ELC does is ultimately for the children in our classrooms. Our ELC team supports each other, so they can then pass on that support to the children.

Those same children are another one of the reasons why Megan enjoys her work:

“I love where my office is. That I get to look out on the playground. I love being able to look out and see children being children,” said Megan. “I can see the children developing these relationships with their teachers, and I know the positive impact that’s having on their brain and the impact that’s going to have on their life in the long term.”

ELC Director Bevette Irvis finds that supportive environment is unique.

 “Even though the children are in specific classrooms based on their age, they know us all,” said Bevette. “We’re a village for the children. There are times when the village really has to come together to support specific children in specific classrooms. Sometimes it may seem that one classroom is getting more support than others, but every classroom gets it turn, depending on what the need might be.”

This #GivingTuesday we’re asking you to support the children and families with whom Wellspring works by making a gift now. 


Remember to share on social media why Wellspring is important to you with the hashtag #whywellspring! Thank you for supporting the children and families facing homelessness in our community!