From Homelessness to Honor Roll: the Power of a Good Night’s Rest

Jamal had been homeless for most of his elementary school years. By the time he was in 4th grade, he was living with his father in a truck and struggling in school. Behind in math and reading, Jamal also displayed behavioral issues in class as he struggled to cope with his traumatic situation at home.

That all changed when his family connected with Wellspring Family Services and secured subsidized housing that year. With a warm bed and a place to confidently call home, Jamal was able to feel safe and secure, which in turn, allowed him to focus on his academic performance.

With a roof over their heads, Jamal’s father was able to turn his focus from basic survival to his son’s needs, including a stable bedtime routine.  As his father explained, “I was so grateful to finally have a stable place to sit down and help him with his homework before bed.”  Within six months of being placed in their new home, Jamal was on the honor roll at school and even received an award for being a “standout student”!   

All children deserve the opportunity to succeed in school—and in life.  Sound sleep plays a key role in a child’s ability to develop a solid foundation for proper mind and body development.  For children experiencing the negative effects of crisis and trauma – children like Jamal – this healthy sleep is especially important.

The first step is to provide parents with everything they need to provide a structured bedtime routine for their children - cozy pajamas, clean underwear and socks, a warm bed and bedding, and a bedtime story! Learn how you can support local families and children today:


Thank you for helping us to give the gift of Sweet Dreams to children and families experiencing crisis!