How many degrees of separation are there between you and a Wellspring family?

It’s famously said that there are six degrees of separation between any two people in the world.  But the smaller a community, the less that separates us.

Alex Washburn, a long time Wellspring supporter, decided to raise funds for Wellspring when he found himself unexpectedly connected to one of our families. Alex’s Facebook post describes that connection:

“Sometimes you don't really know the importance of a non-profit until you see its value first hand. The group I'm writing about is Wellspring Family Services. One of our employees had a family member in real trouble. There was a very young child living with young parents who both had chemical, psychological, and unemployment issues. “

“Wellspring stepped in and helped the couple find jobs, located and paid for an apartment, and provided counselling for both the child and the parents. I was stunned at how quickly and effectively Wellspring created a solution that both stopped the cycle, but also held the parents accountable and responsible. As I prepare for climbing Mt Rainier this weekend I'd like to use this event to raise funds for Wellspring.”

Alex’s fundraiser was a success and his story reminds us that the connection between us all is often smaller than we realize.

Want to start your own fundraiser?

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