How to Motivate Your Coworkers to Get Involved: Greenfield Advisors and Workplace Giving

Whether it’s donating pajamas and bedtime stories for Sweet Dreamstoothbrushes and combs for Fresh Start, or school supplies for Ready to Learn, Greenfield Advisors and Seymour Pigg are dedicated supporters of Wellspring’s campaigns to support children and families in crisis. We spoke with Sarah Kilpatrick, the woman who motivates her coworkers to get involved, to learn more about Greenfield Advisor’s motivation to support others (and to learn more about the infamous Seymour Pigg).

Wellspring (W): Why did you decide to start collecting items for Wellspring?

Sarah (S): Growing up, my birthday was right before Christmas, so I learned to use my birthday money to buy gifts for others. That’s how I learned to start giving at an early age. Since then, I have always wanted to be charitable, but it’s hard to find the time to do it. When you work in a team, it’s easier to be motivated to get involved. People want to give but need an outlet in order to really support it. I came in and saw all the services Wellspring provides and said, ‘Yep. We’re doing all of their drives—all of them!’

W: Greenfield Advisors’ staff members have been inspirational Wellspring supporters since early 2009. How do you motivate your coworkers to get involved?

S: I usually download your current wishlist and send out flyers via email with a personal connection. Like, for this year’s Ready to Learn drive, I sent an email with a photo of  myself as a child in my school uniform and added a targeted ask that said, ‘Just like you, little Sarah needed school supplies. Let’s help get kids ready to learn’. I also set up our front lobby with Seymour Pigg and some back to school supplies and flyers so people remember.

W: Speaking of Seymour Pigg, tell us more about his role at Greenfield Advisors.

S: We call him ‘the working pig’ because he wears a vest, hat, and mustache and collects donations for each drive we participate in. For example, many people at Greenfield Advisors don’t have children and therefore aren’t planning to go buy school supplies, so Seymour Pigg allows them to donate funds to the current campaign without having to go out of their way to go shopping. He provides another option for people to get involved!

W: We’ve heard Greenfield Advisor’s analysts get pretty competitive to see who can make the biggest impact for each drive. Is this true?

S: Last year, several of our analysts had a competition to see who could find the best deal on back to school supplies using our donated funds. We were all trying to figure out where we could buy the most backpacks! I myself am an analyst who minored in Econ—I’m always looking for the best options so that we can make the biggest possible impact!

We are grateful to corporate supporters such as Greenfield Advisors and employees like Sarah, who strive to make a positive impact on our community. Learn how you can join Greenfield Advisor's commitment to helping children and families in crisis rebuild their lives by hosting your own workplace donation drive.