A Jack of All Trades: Preteen Inspires Peers to get involved

At 11 years old, Jack already has a lot figured out. A recent volunteer in our Baby Boutique, Jack’s exuberance for community engagement, coupled with his strong organizational skills (he is an older brother, after all) combine for an inspirational preteen who not only chooses to spend his free time volunteering, but who is eager to get his peers involved as well. After receiving Jack’s insightful email reflecting on his recent volunteer experience, we just had to share…

My Service Project at Wellspring

By Jack Matter

My favorite part about volunteering at Wellspring was being able to really make a difference in other peoples’ lives, just by folding clothes. By doing this we helped with a task that needed to be done so homeless parents could find clothes for their children.

Whenever I help people that don’t have as much as me I feel really good and warm inside, knowing I helped make their lives better. It also makes me realize how fortunate and blessed I am.

I think it’s important for kids to help others because it gives people the chance to be working together and making everybody’s lives easier and happier. Sometimes kids ask for many things, but don’t realize there are other kids out there who aren’t even getting three meals a day.

I think that there are many reasons that people become homeless. One of those reasons is that they haven’t found a job that can support themselves and their home. I think another reason is sometimes people just get into bad situations where they don’t have the money or support they need.


Other people can help homeless people by doing big things like giving lots of money to a shelter or small things like donating your time to helping at places like Wellspring. That makes it so anyone can help in some way.

My favorite part of volunteering at Wellspring was helping out in the Baby Boutique. One of my friends and my brother and sister helped, too. To help out in the store, we sorted and folded onesies and other baby clothes for two hours. I loved to read the cute and funny phrases on the tiny clothes.

To discover ways for your children to get involved, please check out our Kids Helping Kids philanthropy program, or click here.