Keeping The Baby Boutique Open During Lockdown

By Talia Morris

Families facing homelessness are in a state of instability now more than ever. Before COVID, children and families were able to shop at our Baby Boutique for essential items in person.

With your support, we have been able to start our Personal Shopper Program which allows families to get the items they need while maintaining a safe distance. Now, instead of coming into the store, families request items they need and schedule a time to pick them up.

We want to make sure that we are staying safe and that everyone’s health is protected.

The Baby Boutique stopped allowing in-person visits mid-March and was quick to adapt. Through the new Personal Shopper Program, we have been able to reach more families than before COVID.

So far over 400 families have received shopping bags filled with clothing and essentials through our Personal Shopper Program.

As families continue to struggle with the effects of COVID, we have been able to meet their basic needs. Because of you, children and families can still receive clothes, hygiene supplies, diapers, and other essential items.

During a time of uncertainty, families have stability.