Kids Helping Kids Giving Together Empathy Day 2014

During our recent Kids Helping Kids Giving Together Empathy day, we asked “five-and-three-quarters” year-old Maya, Why is it important to help other people? Her response was priceless: “It’s important because some people might not have homes or the same things we have!” She answered astutely, tucking her brown bobbed hair behind her ear while fidgeting with the red and green sash on her holiday dress.

It was a question asked throughout the event to many of the enthusiastic, determined philanthropists who attended, and each eager child inspired us with their response and unedited opinion:

“It’s important to help others because they probably aren’t as fortunate as we are but if we help them, they can be,” Kids Helping Kids (KHK) advocate Rena Mateja (11) emphasized. Four-and-a-half-year-old Wyatt noted, “I help other kids by bringing toys to Wellspring for other kids without toys or homes!”

Amidst the excitement of the event, which was hosted by the Seattle Children’s Museum and sponsored by the Seattle Monorail, the responses of each of these kids emphasized the unmistakable impact that child philanthropy programs such as KHK can have on our community as a whole. With more than 100 children and their families in attendance, KHK Giving Together Empathy Day provided an opportunity for all of us to celebrate that impact, the importance of community engagement, and the value of providing opportunities for even the youngest members of society to learn about their homeless peers.

Each year, we are amazed by the creativity and motivation of all our KHK participants who, together, have raised more than $40,000 for their homeless peers since 2009. To celebrate their community impact and personal growth, we are fortunate for the support of local musician Chris Ballew/Caspar Babypants, and our KHK program sponsors, ParentMap and Wizards of the Coast, who help make these annual KHK events possible—and fun! With the continued support of all those involved in our Kids Helping Kids child philanthropy program, we look forward to all that we can do together to make a difference this holiday season—and for years to come.