Looking Back on Wellspring's 2019 Luncheon


On March 22, Wellspring was joined by almost 800 supporters for our annual Lasting Change Luncheon. As always the program was filled with inspiring stories and emotional speeches.

Our luncheon wouldn’t be possible without our corporate sponsors whose generous donations allow us to underwrite our luncheon so that every donation from generous individuals go directly to support Wellspring and our programs.

Special thanks go to our premier sponsors Net-Tech and Mox Boarding House, who have provided exceptional support to Wellspring throughout the year.



On the day, Wellspring’s new CEO Heather Fitzpatrick took to the stage to give an impassioned speech about the state of family homelessness.

Her focus was on the 20,000 children who do not have a safe and stable home in King County and the invisibility of family homelessness.

“A child born today has a two to three percent chance of becoming homeless at some point in their lives. But a child today who is experiencing homelessness? That child has a 30% chance of experiencing homelessness again in their lifetime.”



To round off the program Nefertari I, a Wellspring Housing Stability Specialist, took to the stage to talk about her own motives that drive her work. She has a motto that she always carries with her, “It is hard work and it is heart work.”

That hard work AND heart work was on display at the luncheon, with a diverse room of guests supporting Wellspring as it ends the cycle of homelessness for families in our community.

Wellspring’s next luncheon is already being planned, we’ll be at the Hyatt Regency again on May 4. Save the date!