Our Services Are Expanding Into Tacoma

By Morgan De Lancy

On June 1st, Wellspring’s housing department opened its doors in Tacoma. This expansion is an important step towards supporting more families in our community. “There’s a trend of families we serve moving south of Seattle,” explains Wellspring’s Senior Director of Housing Services, Walter Washington. “We find families where the need is at, so it made natural sense to follow them.”

Meeting families where they’re at is central to Wellspring’s Pierce County expansion. Our new partnership with Tacoma Public Schools will connect us with an additional 200 homeless youth and their families.

Wellspring is grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received. “Pierce County has welcomed us with open arms and Tacoma Housing Authority has been nothing but fantastic,” says Walter.

Special thanks also goes to the Tacoma Urban League, who hosts Wellspring’s new Tacoma team in their building. “Without the Tacoma Urban League, their space and support, none of this could happen.”

Especially in this challenging moment, Wellspring is proud to be widening its reach. “The longer a family goes without being holistically served, the harder it is to help them.” This makes intervention now all the more important.

As Walter will tell you, this is only the beginning. “We want to build the same diversity of programs in Pierce as King. There are 11 programs in King. These two in Pierce are just a start.”