Ready to Learn: The Importance of the Purple Backpack

For many students, back-to-school represents the opportunity to start a new academic year fresh, excited, and ready to learn. However, for mother-of-two Jade, it used to fill her with anxiety. "My oldest daughter started kindergarten last year," Jade notes. "She needed so many supplies: notebooks for reading, notebooks for writing, glue sticks for was such a long list of supplies that I knew we wouldn't be able to buy them on our own."

Without any reliable income at the time, Jade knew she would be unable to buy all the supplies that her daughter needed to attend school prepared, and worried that her daughter would start her first year of public school already behind her peers. Fortunately, with a last-minute internship at Wellspring and acceptance to our Baby Boutique, that anxiety tranisitioned into relief.

"Wellspring had everything the regular stores had and gave us the best options for the girls," Jade emphasizes. "My oldest was so excited to pick out all of her supplies--everything had to be purple: purple backpack, purple pencils, purple was purple-tacular!" With purple gear in tow, Jade's daughter was able to attend kindergarten excited and eager to learn, allowing her to make a successful transition from our Early Learning Center to public kindergarten to first grade this fall.

Each year, Wellspring helps more than 400 children prepare to go back to school through our Ready to Learn campaign, which provides the essential school supplies that all children need to start their school year feeling confident and prepared.
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