A Recipe for Combatting Summer Boredom

“I’m soooo bored.”

These are the last three words parents want to hear from their child during the long, summer break from school. Even after families enjoy vacations, sporting events and going to the movies, most parents still ask themselves, “How do I keep my kid busy all summer?!

How about helping your child make a difference in another child’s life?

Kids Helping Kids (KHK) is Wellspring’s youth philanthropy program. It’s rooted in the simple idea that kids who have a home should have an opportunity to help kids who don’t have a home.

Here’s how it works: 
Step 1: Visit Wellspring’s office and pick up a KHK coin jar.
Step 2: Let your child get creative and fill their jar with coins from family and friends. Check out our list of ideas on how to fill your jar.
Step 3: Your family brings your full jar back to Wellspring. While you’re here, take a brief tour of our program areas to learn how your coins help thousands of children and families who are in crisis.

Parents whose children participate in KHK tell us that it’s a wonderful education tool for kids. Parents struggle with how to talk with their child about the complicated topics of homelessness and poverty. Participating in Kids Helping Kids helps begin the conversation.

Even better, the children who participate often tell us, “It feels really good to help other kids.”

And if you think coins don’t add up to much, think again. Every year, Kids Helping Kids raises $10,000 through coins collected by children, support from our generous sponsor Wizards of the Coast and advocacy from our KHK spokesperson Caspar Babypants. All funds raised go directly to Wellspring’s programs that help children and families triumph over trauma.

Now you have the perfect recipe for combating your child’s summer boredom: Take multiple dashes of fun activities, add a healthy dose of giving back to others, and voila! You have a future philanthropist.

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