Ruthann's Gratitude

Dear Friends:


As the changing seasons bring many of us together with our friends and families, sharing the abundance of our lives, I find myself drawn to reflect on what I am most grateful for.  My list of things that I am grateful for is a long one, but I’d love to share with you these ten things I find myself reflecting on this season:


  1. My family and friends and the love, care, and support that surrounds me from them.​
  2. That I get to go to work every day doing work I am passionate about.  And I get paid!!
  3. The leadership and commitment of our 28-member Board. Community stewards who bring their time, talent, treasure, and strategic thinking to our organization, helping to direct our future and ensuring that we utilize our resources in the most effective and strategic ways.
  4. Our dynamic and enthusiastic 15-member Associate Board comprising our community’s emerging leaders, who bring their enthusiasm and dynamic energy to our organization.
  5. The authentic dialogues—and actions—that are happening regarding racial inequity in our agency, community, and country, and the growing recognition that racism harms all of us, especially people of color.
  6. That I get to ride a ferry to work every day and often see orcas, seals, and even Mt. Rainier on a clear day, which reminds me why I love living here.
  7. One of our youngest investors, Kaia, age 9, and one of our most ‘mature’ investors, Lois, age 104, who prove you can make a difference no matter your age.
  8. That there is a growing recognition that we must end homelessness, especially for families. There’s a growing understanding about the impact of homelessness and trauma on young children, and a desire by many to be part of the solution.
  9. I am grateful to be a part of an organization that is leading the field with the integration of brain science principles into every aspect of our work, which truly will change the path for the next generation of children in our community.
  10. The generosity of our community in investing in things they care about. We exist at the will of the community and appreciate the investments in our work so we can accomplish results that create systemic change in our community.


Drop us a line and share what you are grateful for on our Facebook page. Your stories inspire all of us. You’ll find some shared by some of our staff and clients there, as well. 


Ruthann Howell



P.S. I couldn’t do it! You had to assume I’d have more than 10! 

  1. I am especially grateful for the 150+ amazing staff members with whom I work. They accomplish great things through their skill and expertise—making a profound difference in the lives of our families, children, and individuals in our communities.