Student Homelessness is Rising


A recent study has found that student homelessness is rising in Washington. In the 2017-18 academic year more than 40,000 students experienced homelessness. That’s almost twice the amount as ten years ago.

These students, and their families, are living doubled-up with family and friends, living in motels, in shelters. Almost 3,000 are unsheltered.

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but homelessness has a negative effect on academic achievement for these students. As their education suffers, that homelessness has a direct negative impact on their futures.

You know that children thrive on routine. Homelessness is the opposite, it’s chaotic.

Experiencing homelessness makes it hard to find a quiet place to do homework, it makes it even harder to attend school regularly to get homework to begin with. It makes it impossible to find a good night of sleep and the rest needed to do well in class.

Family members don’t fare any better. Parents find it hard to overcome the barriers of homelessness, to find a new job, new housing, and escape debt.

How can you help?

Getting students and their families housed is the first step towards stability. Having a home and family to go back to each day is the first step towards routine.

School attendance improves, academic achievement rises, and the future begins to look bright.

We need you to end homelessness for families. Right now we have students waiting for your gift.

It’s up to you.