Susie Wells and Usborne Books: Creating Opportunities for our Community One Book at a Time

“I think it’s the most important thing—to give back,” Susie Wells of Usborne Books emphasizes, sitting in our Early Learning Center (ELC) surrounded by photos of happy preschoolers and toddler toys. “My parents were always focused on serving our community, so I’ve always felt really grateful to be able to make a difference when I can.”

And make a difference she has. This past holiday season, Susan decided to launch an online campaign focused on raising $1,500 for books for our avid early learning students, and after only a week, had already surpassed her goal.

 “Everyone wants to give and get involved, but not many people have an idea how to do it!” Susan notes, smiling. "I just decided to jump right into raising money for books for Wellspring, and started directly asking people to help. People immediately responded.”

By the time Susan began ordering the books our Early Learning Center staff had recommended, she had raised more than $2,500 in donations. As she dropped off the numerous boxes filled with books last week, some of our staff couldn’t help excitedly unpacking the boxes and planning how each book could be used.

“In order to create the opportunity to succeed, we must support literacy. Without books, how would we educate ourselves?” Susie explains. “I’m so glad we could help the ELC students learn by providing an opportunity to develop those important skills.”

And with such a wide range of options, we can’t wait to answer some of those important questions that preschoolers often have—from planes to animals to emotions to bodily functions! Thanks to Susie, Usborne Books, and all those who donated to their online campaign, many homeless children will have the opportunity to pick out a new book this holiday season that will inspire them to learn and develop critical skills needed to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. To learn how you can help make a difference, click here.