A Week of Gratitude

  • “The people who gave to Family Services saved my life, saved my child’s life. Every single day I look at him, I am grateful.”- Melissa, former Housing Services client

MARCH 28, 2016: Last December, the Windermere Foundation asked if we could help with a video. We said yes with a big smile!

You see, every time one of their agents helps a client buy or sell a home, a portion of their commission goes to the Windermere Foundation. The foundation, in turn, invests in the community.

Last year, with Windermere and other community support, Wellspring Family Services took 400 families off the street, or out of their cars, or wherever they were staying and helped them get into long-term, stable housing. That represents more than 1,000 children.

Thank you, Windermere Real Estate! And thank you to the hundreds of donors who invest in the children and families we serve every day.

Positive experience. Responsive relationships. Stable lives. Together we can make a difference that spans generations.

Here are stills taken from that video, featuring children enrolled in our Early Learning Center and a cameo from Rena Mateja, our Kids Helping Kids trailblazer.