Welcome Tai Powell to the Baby Boutique

Every good thing you already know about the Baby Boutique—from how it offers parents everyday essentials for their children (at no cost) thanks to generous donors and friendly volunteers—just got even better.

The reason is Tai Powell.

Tai recently joined Wellspring’s Community Engagement team as the Baby Boutique Assistant. Tai (pronounced “Tay”) supports the store’s day-to-day operations to help ensure our clients, volunteers, and interns have the best possible experience. Tai’s welcome presence will mean more volunteer opportunities and improved service to our clients.

“I’ve come from circumstances similar to those of a lot of our clients who, today, benefit from the Baby Boutique. Being able to give back to the community a small portion of what was given to me has been the biggest and most rewarding part of my job,” says Tai, who began his new position in July.

Tai brings 15-plus years of retail and customer service experience, along with team management at companies such as The Gap. A Certified Peer Counselor, he’s interned as a social services specialist providing peer support to Wellspring partners Jones Community Services and Hillman City.

Better yet, Tai knows Wellspring—especially the Baby Boutique. Last fall, he completed a two-month internship at the store and stayed on as a volunteer last year. His daughter, Taylor, recently graduated from the Early Learning Center.  

Walking in the park with Taylor, hiking, camping, snowboarding, and skateboarding are some of Tai’s favorite delights. So are airbrushing, graphic design, mixing records, and sampling Mexican and seafood cuisines.

Welcome Tai Powell, busily working to better the work of the Baby Boutique that’s improving the lives of Wellspring families who deserve a fresh start. 

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