Wellspring Community Partner Award Recipient: University of Washington Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center

An organization is often only as great as its volunteers, and thanks to the University of Washington’s Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center, Wellspring is never in short supply of quality support.

By placing UW undergraduate students in service-learning opportunities, the Carlson Center offers students the chance to go outside the classroom and learn through hands-on experiences with local organizations. Over the past ten years, Wellspring has enthusiastically welcomed many of these students. With a wide variation of degrees, students have participated in several different components of Wellspring Family Services ranging from the Early Learning Center to the Baby Boutique to managing the front desk to providing assistance within Parent/Child Services.

Wellspring’s ability to tailor positions to fit individual student needs is part of the reason why Kathryn Pursch, Assistant Director at the Carlson Center, continues to partner with Wellspring: “Working in a multi-service agency helps students get some perspective. It helps them learn how nonprofits, particularly multi-service agencies, work.” Over the years, the relationship between the Carlson Center and Wellspring has proven to be mutually rewarding. As Kathryn notes, “Our mission is connecting community and campus, and there’s commitment on both ends to making this partnership work.”

Wellspring is fortunate to have such a rich history of UW students contributing to its mission and getting involved in our various areas of service. Because of their continued support, unwavering commitment to community outreach and emphasis on student-organization service-learning, we are thrilled to honor the University of Washington Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center with our Community Partner of the Year Award!

Congratulations Kathryn and the Carlson Center!