Wellspring Partners Raising Money to End Homelessness

In May, Wellspring Family Services was the beneficiary of two company fundraisers hosted by generous organizations on our behalf. LuLaRoe, one of the country’s largest social retailers, used its 5-year anniversary to raise money for the families Wellspring serves by selling tickets to their anniversary event. In a separate effort, Mox Boarding House’s ENGAGE team harnessed the power of 20 fundraising teams, comprising professionals in the gaming community, to raise $97,750 via The Gauntlet, a board gaming event and tournament. 

LuLaRoe Celebrate 5

To celebrate its 5-year anniversary LuLaRoe partnered with Festival of Children Foundation to put on 5 events in 5 different cities, with proceeds from each event benefiting a local nonprofit. Festival of Children Foundation recommended Wellspring Family Services as the beneficiary of LuLaRoe’s Seattle event. “It was an honor and privilege to connect LuLaRoe with Wellspring Family Services for the Celebrate 5 event in Seattle”, said Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, founder and executive director, Festival of Children Foundation. “LuLaRoe came to us looking to make a significant impact in a local and relevant way and Wellspring Family Services was a great fit.”

Over 900 people gathered on May 2 to “party for a purpose” at Seattle’s Showbox SoDo. Guests enjoyed dancing, music, food, and a fashion show of LuLaRoe’s new collection. Ticket sales from the event were donated to Wellspring to help end the cycle of family homelessness.

Mox Boarding House's "The Gauntlet 2018: Realms"

On May 20, over 100 people gathered to “get geeky” and compete in The Gauntlet, an annual board game tournament hosted by Mox Boarding House in Bellevue. Twenty teams competed to take home a metal gauntlet trophy. The real prize, though, was the opportunity for teams to do something they love while raising money for a good cause.

As part of the event, each team competing ran their own fundraiser for Wellspring Family Services, with gaming perks handed out based on the amount raised. The more donations a team raised, the more “power-ups” it would receive to use in the competition. This unique idea was implemented by Lyla Ross, the organizer for the event, who started The Gauntlet 5 years ago.

As a clinical social worker, who spent 20 years working in social services, Lyla is dedicated to giving back to her community. At the same time, she is an avid board gamer who believes in bringing people together through gaming. The Gauntlet aligns those passions. She and her team work hard every year to make the event a success.

It helps that The Gauntlet is not only fun, but is also a competition that board gamers in the region are hungry to win. Wizards of the Coast were the victors this year, and their team captain summed up everybody’s feelings by thanking Lyla and the ENGAGE team, “You guys make it possible to use my one skill on earth to help charity.”

Want to get your company involved in helping families overcome homelessness and find stability? Contact Thom Murray, Corporate and Communty Engagement Director, by email at tmurray@wellspringfs.org, or phone at 206.902.4259