Brian Buckley - Wellspring's 2016 Founders Award Recipient

Wellspring recently awarded its annual Founders Award to an outstanding supporter - Brian Buckley.

Brian Buckley attended his first Wellspring Powerful Change Luncheon in 1996. The event served as an enticing invitation to say “Yes” to volunteer.  

Thirteen years on the Wellspring board is but one measure of Brian’s ongoing commitment to the organization.

“For the past 20 years and counting, Wellspring has been a steady, powerful force in my life. Wellspring’s transformative work in the lives of children, parents, families and individuals continually reminds me I’m part of something bigger than myself. I have a responsibility to get outside of myself and help promote the safety and well-being of others in our community.”

Adds Brian, an attorney with the Seattle law firm Fenwick & West, “I belong to Wellspring because I believe in Wellspring. The evidence is in: Brain science has finally caught up to what Wellspring’s people and its partnering organizations have known for a long time: Trauma is the through-line on a spectrum of people Wellspring serves."

“We know that traumatized girls and boys grow into traumatized adults who are likely to repeat the same negative cycles their parents ‘inherited’ from their parents. I feel fortunate to give back to Wellspring, which knows how to successfully break these destructive cycles.”