Wellspring's Holiday Toy Room: A Source of Inspiration, Joy, & Community

Wellspring Toy Room shopper Angie has three kids and is pregnant with her fourth. Although her husband currently works two jobs, a series of life-altering events caused the family to slip into homelessness, and for the past year, they have struggled to secure housing. 

After months of perseverance and waiting, Angie's family recently found an affordable apartment. But when the initial bills were paid and funds were budgeted for basic needs, Angie and her husband didn't have anything left over for gifts. "We were worried we'd literally have Christmas in the dark this year," Angie notes, referencing a higher electric bill than they had anticipated. "Presents weren't even an option. We were trying to figure out how we were going to explain this to our kids."

Fortunately, Angie learned about Wellspring's "Giving Together" Toy Room. Festooned with twinkle lights, decorations, and toys galore, she was able to hand-select gifts, wrapping paper, and ribbon for all of her children. Before she left Wellspring with presents in hand, Angie expressed how grateful she was to be able to provide a joyous and memorable holiday for her children: "I'm so thankful for the support," she shared. "My family has gone through a series of tough bumps, and these gifts today are the difference between joy and sadness."

Billy Hancock, a Wellspring Housing Specialist and volunteer at the Toy Room, sees how easy it can be for families like Angie's to fall into homelessness, and appreciates how important the Toy Room is during the holiday: "Often families are challenged to choose between the cost of basic family needs such as food, shelter, clothing and utility bills, or providing for the wants of their children during the holiday season."

With community support, Wellspring serves more than 900 children and families in crisis each year in the annual Toy Room. Join us today as we spread hope and happiness in our community by giving together!