What “things” can mean

A bed can help a child rest, and focus at school.

A gas card can mean getting to that job interview.

And kindness? It can save a life.

At Wellspring Family Services we’re extra fortunate. We not only witness kindness, we see how much it means to families and children experiencing homelessness or other crises. We watch as parents earn certifications and secure jobs. We see kids open up and build the resilience that will help them through life’s challenges.

We see what it means when community takes care.

Because of your generosity, we’re able to take a therapeutic approach with the families we serve. We offer counseling or referrals – whatever clients need to rebuild. But your kindness also ensures families have essential items. Diapers, socks and strollers – even bedding and books – help parents ensure the safety and healthy development of their children.

So thank you!

Thank you for spreading joy, for helping us provide both services and “things,” and especially for filling our community with kindness.  

Your generosity means families can take that next step and beyond.

Happy New Year!

Ruthann Howell,

P.S. You can learn more about what “things” can mean in this profile of our Baby Boutique, a free store that serves hundreds of families (and more than 2000 children) every year.