Lasting Change Blog

April 15, 2014

When Linda first came to Wellspring, she was pregnant and sleeping in her friend’s car with her daughter. Frustrated, tired, and hopeless, Linda struggled to provide a stable life for herself and her child.

Fortunately, when the family began working with Wellspring, life came together. After being placed in a stable home by a Wellspring Stability Specialist, Linda could focus on developing a routine that involved eating, sleeping, and showering on a daily basis. With new toothbrushes, shampoo, and other essential hygiene items, Linda gained the confidence she needed to take the next step forward and look for employment. Within a couple months, she had found a job that could support her and her daughter.

Every family deserves the opportunity for a fresh start....

April 11, 2014

Community involvement has been an integral part of Wellspring's ability to serve local families and children in crisis for the past 122 years. With dedicated volunteer staff members, Wellspring continues to provide a variety of services that help local individuals, families, and children reach their full potential.

Wellspring volunteer Micaela Henrich, a current University of Washington undergraduate student studying to be a clinical psychologist, is one such volunteer who is helping Wellspring expand its capacity to positively impact the lives of homeless children.

Our Communications staff (W) had a chance to visit with Micaela (M), to learn more about her community-minded focus and drive.

W: How did you first learn about Wellspring?

M: At the University of Washington,...

March 19, 2014

Each holiday season, amid the shopping frenzies, the family gatherings, and the bleak winter weather, Vicki O’Keefe calmly organizes over 200 informational sheets on Wellspring Family Services and staples them to brown paper bags.

As she sends them out the doors with the students of...

February 18, 2014

Winter in Seattle can be wet and cold for all of us—but for the thousands of children and families experiencing homelessness, it can be almost unbearable. One Night Count, an annual event organized by King County Coalition of Homelessness and...
February 3, 2014

When visiting the lobby of KCTS 9 studios recently, two display items immediately made us smile and feel connected to their work: the life-sized cutouts of Sherlock and Watson (of the popular PBS show, Sherlock) dressed up in Seahawks gear, and an old-school filming camera situated next to the front desk. Both...
January 31, 2014

For most, thousands of donated baby diapers and pounds of formula probably aren’t the first images that come to mind when they think of the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO). 

But at Wellspring, we know first-hand the many ways that the KCSO supports our community, always going above and beyond the call of duty.

For the last three years, the...