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September 17, 2013

Is your family interested in making a philanthropic change but not sure where to start?

Come join Wellspring Family Services at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center on September 28th from 10am-3pm and find out!

Throughout the event, you can learn about all the ways kids can become philanthropic while hearing motivational stories from local heroes, connecting with family-friendly volunteer opportunities, and participating in engaging activities that emphasize how simple and rewarding making a difference can be.

You'll also get the opportunity to learn about our Kids Helping Kids campaign and hear from our very own youth spokesperson Rena Mateja as she speaks about her Kids...

September 12, 2013

Without waiting for the doorbell, Maddy Handshew greets you at the door with a big grin and a bounce in her step. With this level of enthusiasm, it’s easy to understand how such a young girl could raise more than $249 through Wellspring Kids Helping Kids, and do so in one of the most creative ways we’ve heard to date: an art show! 

An avid artist for most of her seven years, Maddy and...

September 10, 2013

It’s individuals like Faridah Abdullah who ensure organizations like Wellspring remain successful.

Coming to Wellspring Family Services in 2008 after retiring from her work at World Relief in downtown Seattle, Faridah immediately became a critical component to our Development team. Volunteering at the past six Powerful Change Luncheons, taking work home with her, managing email lists and...

September 5, 2013

Meet Fran Harstad, Claudia Simmons, Chris Stewart, and Rowena Hondrade – four enthusiastic Virginia Mason employees who recently dropped off three crates filled with school supplies from their workplace back-to-school drive for Wellspring!

Inspired by the 400 homeless children Wellspring serves each back-to-school season, these women decided to get together and rally their 266 colleagues on the Patient...

September 5, 2013

Drumroll please! 

We are excited to announce this year’s 2013 Wellspring Award Recipients have been selected.  Over the next few weeks, we look forward to highlighting our 2013 recipients, each of whom will be honored for their unwavering and inspiring commitment to Wellspring.

Our 2013 Award recipients are recognized for their dedication to Wellspring Family Services as they help us serve more than 5,000 individuals and families experiencing crises each year. Our deepest thanks and appreciation to this year’s group of extraordinary individuals and corporations! 

Stay tuned for weekly insight into the stories behind our award recipients' motivation to inspire powerful change....

August 30, 2013

Going back to school can be as stressful for a parent as it is for a child. With the arrival of the new school year comes the need to adjust daily routines. Fortunately, there are some simple ways that parents can take control to ensure a smooth back-to-school transition.

Back-to-School Quick Tips for Parents

  • Re-establish bedtime and mealtime routines, preferably a few weeks before the first day of school. Also, help your child organize their clothes, lunch, and backpack for each school day. By establishing routines, your child will readily adapt to their new schedule, making any change more bearable.
  • Visit the school with your child before classes start if possible. This reduces the enormity of the transition and helps your child feels more secure in a new and unfamiliar environment.
  • It’s a new...