Marilyn Liepelt

Rainier Avenue South Seattle
Practice Focus: 
Men’s Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment
Lesbian’s Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment
Domestic Violence Victim Liaison
Community Outreach

Within each of us live immense resiliency and the possibility for growth and change. Harnessing those strengths in the throes of emotional distress can be very difficult. The group work we do together provides an opportunity to understand in revealing ways the cause of your unique challenges so that together, we can create more effective solutions for lasting change. I believe that everyone in a family deserves to be safe and respected, and I desire to help clients remain safe while assisting in their personal transformation.

In addition to working with clients who have used abusive behaviors, I have also worked with survivors of abuse, and taught anger management and parenting classes. My therapeutic approach focuses on providing a caring and attentive experience that emphasizes a safe place to discover your most powerful, accountable and empathetic self. In our work together you will be encouraged to explore those areas with regard to your relationship with yourself and others in which you feel most blocked. As I support your exploration of the changes you desire to make, I will remain curious about cultural and spiritual backgrounds, familial relationships, sexual identity, and work situation, as well as other elements that influence your life’s landscape.

With 18 years of experience in the Domestic Violence field, I have provided training to law enforcement, community advocates, volunteers, and others involved in social services. I take my own personal development seriously and I bring my perspective that people have the power to turn tragedy into triumph through taking control of their lives through personal responsibility.